Poisonous Pines

At least 20 Pines are known to be toxic to livestock and humans, here is a partial list of the most common types.  


With Christmas around the corner please keep your pigs and family pets safe.


  • Norfolk Island Pine, usually grown indoors. Causes vomiting and depression
  • Yew Pine also known and Buddhist Pine or Japanese Yew, can cause nausea, diarrhea and vomiting.
  • Ponderosa Pine contains an acid in the needles that cause miscarriage in livestock. Found more in the West.
  • Australian Pine also known as the Norfolk Pine, see number 1.
  • Fir Trees, many times used as Christmas trees are considered to be mildly toxic, the tree oils can irritate the mouth and stomach, causing excessive drooling and vomiting.
  • The Lodgepole Pine
  • Common Junipers
  • Almost any pine ingested in large numbers is known to cause toxicity.

Remember as well those gorgeous Poinsettias are toxic as well, although the toxicity is considered mild.

Reprinted with permission. ©Anita Jacobson, Just Mini Pigs FB Group

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