What Should PBP's Eat?

Pigs are very easily overfed. Many full grown pot bellied pigs (of all sizes) are obese due simply to overeating. Although weight can vary from pig to pig, there are some key signs that your pig is overweight. For example, if a fat roll covers your pig's eyes then he is too fat. Your vet will help you decide the ideal weight for your pig based on his height and body condition.


As a basic rule of thumb, piglets can be fed regular pot bellied pig chow starting at 3 weeks of age (but you shouldn't be getting a piglet until they are at least 6 weeks of age). 2 cups of pig chow is a good starting point but should be adjusting if your pig is too fat or too thin. Most people recommend free feeding throughout the day but others still prefer the two meals a day method.


25% percent of their total diet can consist of vegetables (limit the starchy veggies) but fruit should only be offered in very small quantities since they are high in natural sugars. Below is a basic guideline of what to feed your adult pot bellied feed.

  • High quality, low protein, low fat, high fiber pot bellied pig pellets - Roughly 1/2 cup per 25 lbs. daily (but most adult pigs eat about 2 cups)
  • Fresh non-starchy vegetables (such as cucumbers, peppers, and carrots) to make up 25% of the total diet
  • 1 children's chewable multi-vitamin daily
  • Allow rooting in untreated soil for necessary iron and selenium (or supplement if your area is deficient - consult a vet first)
  • Alfalfa hay or bran can be added to the diet to increase fiber if necessary

Remember - do not overfeed, do not feed chocolate or salty foods, do not feed fatty foods (especially animal fats), do not feed dog or cat food, don't give him food directly from the fridge (he will learn how to open it), and make your pig work for his food by putting it in a ball or pan with dirt to root in.

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