Can mini pigs get ulcers? Yes they can and they are more common than most people think, yet they are not thought of often and therefore mis-diagnosed frequently.


What causes ulcers?

  • Low protein diets.
  • Low fiber diets. (The introduction of straw reduces the incidence).
  • High energy diets.
  • High levels of wheat in excess of 55%.
  • Deficiencies of vitamin E or selenium.
  • Diets containing high levels of iron, copper or calcium.
  • Diets low in zinc. Diets with high levels of unsaturated fats.
  • Diets based on whey and skimmed milk.
  • Irregular feed patterns
  • Aggression within the herd
  • Transportation
  • Periods of starvation
  • Fluctuating Temperatures
  • Think of any “stressors”

Just reading the above causes should be enough to make people feed their piglets properly however its usually not the case.


Symptoms of Ulcers

In piglets there is often no symptoms, they are skinny, fail to gain and often they are just found dead.


In Older pigs:

  • The affected pig is pale.
  • Weak.
  • Shows breathlessness.
  • Grinding of the teeth.
  • Vomiting.
  • The passing of dark feces containing digested blood is often a persistent symptom. Usually the temperature is normal.
  • The pig has an inconsistent appetite


After a proper diagnosis is made it can be as simple as administering Prilosec OTC, change the feed  and change the environment if needed.

Reprinted with permission. ©Anita Jacobson, Just Mini Pigs FB Group

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