Diatomaceous Earth

What is it?   

Fossilized Algae


Why use it?

It uses are many, but for those of us who are tired of chemicals this has many uses to help cut down on the chemical overload we experience daily.


What are the uses?   



It’s a natural dewormer , within 7 days of using it, roundworms, hookworms,  whip worms, tapeworms and pin worms start to die.  It’s recommended that you feed for at least 30 days because it does not kill the eggs.  It’s a “mechanical” killer, it attacks the outer layer of the parasite, dehydrating and killing them off. Many people now just feed it 365 days a year, mixed right in their feed.


Garden duster to get rid of pests and in the house, it works on ants!


Fly control! This is the main reason I use it. When you use it 365 days a year, it's excreted in the feces so it cuts down on flies, once the DE is on the fly’s exoskeleton or on the fly larvae they die and can’t reproduce.


Many people use one to two teaspoons a day, it’s reported that 85-90% of humans have worms, people mix it in juices or foods to disguise it, but it helps to eliminate the worms in our bodies as well.  Some people make a paste with it and slather it on the skin, they report that they can then see the eggs and parasites that live on the human skin…I don’t even want to look!


If you want to give DE a try on your pets here is the dosage, however you have to go at least 3 weeks so once you start, stick with it.  You can underfeed it, but you cannot over feed it.  And it has to come in contact with the worms to work, so it won’t kill all worms and it does not work on mites, it’s been reported to work on fleas if you dust your pets with it and pig lice since they live on the skin and not in the hair follicle.


Kittens and puppies less than 10 pounds: ½ to 1  

    teaspoon a day

Cats: 2 teaspoons a day

Dogs and puppies 10-19 pounds: 2 teaspoons a day

Dogs 20 -50 pounds: 1-1.5 tablespoon

Dogs over 50: 2 tablespoons

Dogs 100 pounds and over:  3-4 Tablespoons

Pigs, Cattle and Dairy cows: 2% of feed ration and free


Chickens: 5% of feed ration and free choice

Sheep and Goats: 2-3 teaspoons per 100 pounds and

     free choice

Horses: 2-3 cups a day

Humans: 2-3 heaping teaspoons a day, divided into am

     and pm



My personal experiences: I do feed it here, and I sprinkle it on poo piles to kill fly larvae.  The other thing I do is make a pile in the pens and the pigs roll in it, again if a fly lands on them it and comes in contact with the DE it will kill it.  It’s safe and chemical free, as parasites start to build resistance to chemicals they cannot build resistance to the DE since it is mechanical.

Reprinted with permission. ©Anita Jacobson, Just Mini Pigs FB Group

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