Porkchop's Phat Farm...      A Sanctuary

Who doesn’t love a mini pig, right?


They can be great companions, are super smart,

and can even be house-trained.


But, contrary to popular belief, they don’t stay pint-sized.

A 'mini' pig is defined as being smaller than a regular farm hog... usually weighing around 100-200 pounds when fully grown. Sadly, these little pigs outgrow expectations, their owners struggle to handle them and often seek new homes.


Our journey with pot-bellied pigs started with Porkchop, who came to us at just two days old and was bottle-fed for the first few months. As the years passed, the idea of a pot-bellied pig sanctuary took root.


Porkchop, raised with pittie siblings, believes he's a dog. After nearly nine years as a house pig, he now enjoys his own own piggy condo with a loft, porch, fireplace, and A/C. He's a bit of an introverted, super-spoiled pig, weighing around 200 lbs.


Porkchop’s Phat Farm is now a haven for 13 pot-bellied pigs, 3 rescue goats, and roughly 12 rescue chickens. Three personal goats, another dozen chickens, a guinea, 9 geese, and 5 ducks also call the 2-acre site home.

The lifespan of a mini pig is typically 5 years, but the breed can live up to 12-18 years if cared for properly.

FEIN: 81-4889543

A registered 501(c)3 Non-Profit

Mission Statement:


Our goal is to provide a safe haven for abandoned or unwanted pot belly pigs and provide them with the medical attention they need, as well as the love and attention they deserve.


We will participate in fundraising to provide veterinary treatment, spay/neuter, food and shelter; as well as foster responsible pot belly pig ownership through education and adoption.

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