When Piggy is TOO FAT

Weight loss involves proper feeding and proper movement.


How much to feed:

Determine what your pig SHOULD weigh (this is, of course, an estimate).  So, if your pig weighs 200 pounds, but should weigh 150 pounds, you should feed him a 150 pound diet.


For correct nutritional balance, your pig should eat 2% of his IDEAL weight per day. Get a scale for the food, you will need to weigh it.  


So for our IDEAL 150 pound pig:

150 X 0.02 = 3 pounds of food total per day.


If you do not have a scale, remember that a cup is 8 oz, or ½ pound.

3 pounds per day = 2 cups x 3 = 6 cups


So our 150 pound pig should ideally eat no more than 6 cups of food per day, total.


What to feed:

  • 3 cups of an elder or low activity pelleted food.
  • 3 cups of fresh food – heavy on green leafy veggies.  Light on fruit.
  • If you feed treats to your pigs, make sure these are included in his 6 cups per day.


How to make him move:

  • Do not feed from a bowl – spread his food out so he has to hunt for it and walk to it
  • Use a treat ball or other device to feed so that he has to move
  • Walk your pig for short walks several times per day
  • Make him walk about a bit to get treats

A little movement will go a long way



  • a multivitamin once a day
  • selenium/vitamin e supplement at least once a week (use a horse feed supplement that can be obtained at a feed store.  Feed 1 tablespoonful once a week
  • a 400 unit vitamin E capsule once a day
  • a 500 mg vitamin C capsule once a day

Reprinted with permission. ©Anita Jacobson, Just Mini Pigs FB Group

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