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Every dime helps - we will be forever grateful for any and all donations :O)

Sign Up for our Monthly Sanctuary Support Challenge!

Monthly giving makes a lasting difference! With an incredible expansion ahead, monthly sponsorships and regular contributions are what we rely on to help us reach our goal.

We have created a Monthly Sanctuary Support Challenge as a fundraising initiative to help with raising funds for our new site and pot-bellied pig sanctuary. The goal with this challenge is to find 100 Sanctuary Supporters to sign up to donate each month for a period of one year. Even donations of just $1 a day add up to a great deal of essential support for the animals, and signing up for the challenge is easy and safe via PayPal, or even by mailing a monthly check.


If you're an animal lover and interested in helping out in a small, yet HUGE way, please sign up for our Monthly Sanctuary Support Challenge today!

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